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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wills Coming!!!

Confirmed: Will Arnett is coming to Parks and Recreation!

November 17, 2009: Watch with Kristin:

NBC has just confirmed to us that Amy Poehler’s husband, the also hilarious Will Arnett, is coming to Parks and Recreation.

He’ll come on board for one episode that will air in January. (Most likely Jan. 14, according to NBC, but no firm date has been set.)

According to NBC, Will is playing an “MRI tech,” which means that either someone we know and love in Pawnee is headed for the hospital (our money’s on the always clutsy Andy, a k a Chris Pratt), or Will will have scenes with Ann (Rashida Jones) who works there.

Thanks for the tip, @Mullally_lovah!

November 17, 2009: The Ausiello Files:

Hey, what’s that smell? Oh, I know — it’s the ink drying on Will Arnett’s Parks and Recreation contract. An NBC spokesperson confirms that Will Arnett will guest star opposite real-life wife Amy Poehler on her creatively-resurgent comedy in early 2010. He’ll play a possible suitor for Poehler’s character, Leslie. Incidentally, Arnett appears in the same episode that marks the arrival of Justin Theroux, who also happens to be playing a love interest for Leslie. You know what I’m smelling now? Comedic fireworks!

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