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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Murals of Pawnee

Originally named "A Lively Fisting," "Sunday Boxing" underwent a name change for obvious reasons.
One of Parks and Recreation’s best running gags are the murals that line the walls of Pioneer Hall. In fact, they were the subject of last week’s episode, “The Camel“, after “The Spirit of Pawnee” was defaced.

Now on NBC.com is a fairly detailed history of Pawnee’s murals — or murinals, depending on what you like to call them.

Here’s the introduction to the online exhibit, penned by Leslie Knope:

Every town has its own unique history, and Pawnee’s is full of both pride and shame. Mostly shame. But some pride. But really: shame. The large murals that line the walls of Pioneer Hall depict some of the most famous and interesting moments in our town’s past, and are well worth checking out as works or (sic) art — even if they are also by any standard horrifying at a level it is difficult to comprehend.

So, take a tour back through history, won’t you? And as you do, remember that these events occurred long ago, and the murals were painted long ago, and also please remember that none of us had anything to do with either the events or the depictions of the events.


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