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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amys top 10

Amy Poehler’s 10 favorite Parks and Recreation moments
November 19th, 2009
From The Star-Ledger:

Ann and Leslie go on a practice date.
It was very fun to get harassed by Rashida Jones in a nice restaurant. Its not the first time. I really enjoy how terrible Leslie’s dating track record is.

Ron has a hernia. April asks what’s wrong.
In a perfect scene, Ron Swanson is frozen at his desk because he sneezed, and April suspects something is wrong. I could watch Nick Offerman do anything, but I especially enjoy it when Aubrey Plaza is quietly torturing him.

Andy crying when Greg Pikitis wears him down.
I love how a sixteen year old kid was the perfect nemesis for the Parks Department. During his “interrogation” Andy was totally unmatched, and as usual, Pratt plays Andy as a hilarious mix of cocky and childlike.

Dave thinks Madeline Albright is Leslie’s grandma.
Louis C.K. is a great actor, and I love when he is uncomfortably flirting with Leslie. When Dave doesn’t recognize Madeline Albright in a picture on Leslie’s desk, Leslie has a crisis moment where she wonders if he is the right guy for her.

Ron and Tammy ripping their clothes off before they get to their motel room.
Megan Mullally is incredible. She ripped her shirt off at 6:30 AM. First shot of the day. Unscripted. What a pro.

Tom becomes moved by a piece of art.
In last week’s episode, we see Tom look at an abstract painting and lose his mind. He can’t believe he is moved by art. As usual, Aziz Ansari is hilarious.

Fred Armisen and The Venezuelans come to Pawnee.
I loved it when Fred’s character did a run about all the reasons a person could be arrested in Venezuela. Most of it was improvised. Fred is awesome.

Everything at the pit.
Leslie falling into the pit. Mark trying to kiss Leslie at the pit. Mark falling in pit. Andy jumping in pit. Andy living in pit. Leslie and Ann filling pit. “Pit” becomes “Lot”

Leslie looking out her window on a rainy day.
This was a simple scene in our first episode, where Leslie talks about her dream for a park. Greg Daniels was directing Michael Schur’s script. I was looking out the window thinking about what it would be like to stay optimistic and hopeful. How I would need to prepare myself for a new project that would take years, and how it would be hard but amazing work. It is my favorite scene to date.

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