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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Inside P&R Quotes

Paley Center’s Inside Parks and Recreation event
November 18, 2009:

Here are some event quotes from executive producer Greg Daniels and actors Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman, courtesy of IGN.com:

Amy, on how giving Parks and Recreation time to breathe has been the difference maker this season:

I always knew this show was complex and needed to open up a little bit. I like to think that the show needed to decant. … People are starting to care about the people on the show. It was always our intention that the show be funny, but also a show where you actually wanted to see what happened to the characters.

Greg, on writing for the actors:

Mike (Schur) and I have been writing the characters more specifically to the actors and I think we can see more of the intelligence of the characters.

Amy, on Leslie Knope:

The comedy for her comes out of her trying to stay optimistic in the face of all these challenges. Pawnee is a real town as far as I’m concerned and the show’s concerned. To be able to have the real base where surreal, crazy stuff happens and have a real character that can deal with crazy stuff is great. It allows you to be able to go very small or very broad.

Nick, on his favorite Parks scene:

The scene where Leslie takes Ron to break up with Tammy is my favorite. Because, you know, I just got here and just to be sitting in that room with Amy and Megan, I just wanted to pinch myself. I was thrilled last season just standing in a doorway sipping a cup of coffee but I’m over the moon now that I get to do gymnastics.

Aziz, on his favorite Parks scene:

In the (upcoming) divorce episode, it gets pretty rough for Tom. It was really fun because there was some serious acting for me to do compared to my usual d*** jokes. And what guy out there hasn’t been distraught over a girl before? It was a really fun episode for me.

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