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Monday, November 16, 2009

Extra Spoilers

-At Saturday night’s Paley Center P-Rex celebration, Amy Poehler teased that hubby Will Arnett might soon be joining her on the small screen (yay!): “I hope, so I think you will,” she spilled with that signature Amy grin we know and love.

-We were also told that Amy’s adorably awkward Leslie Knope would be involved in a salacious sex scandal.

-Sadly, Will is not knocking boots with Amy on P-Rex right now (though we know he’s already on the NBC payroll, ahem, 30 Rock), but show runner Mike Schur (Mose!) did tell us that “some exciting potential guest stars, pretty big stars and comedians” are in the works and that names will emerge in the next few weeks.

-As for Leslie, the poor girl “accidentally gets involved with this big sex scandal, and it spirals out of control,” Aziz Ansari (Tom) told us of the P-Rex craziness. As Schur explained: “There are rumors swirling about another city councilman scandal—who was disgraced by cave sex in the ‘Practice Date’ episode—and Leslie ends up getting photographed with him at a bar late at night by a tabloid newspaper.”

-Of course, Leslie becomes the town leper, even though she only had the city’s best interest at heart. “Leslie has set up an elaborate and beautiful Santa’s Village on the lot; she’s just trying to do this nice thing and this derails it, and it gets to the point where the press is chasing her around.”

-Sadly, Leslie’s headed for a split with Dave the Cop. “A lot of really heavy stuff happens in the next couple weeks. It’s really good!” Amy teased. “We were so lucky to get Louis C.K., but he’s starting his own show.”

-At least a few P-Rexers are getting lucky in love. Aubrey Plaza gushed about an April-Andy (Chris Pratt) romance, and from what you’ll see in Thursdays episode.

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