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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Kaboom Info!

Thursday’s Parks and Recreation episode, “Kaboom“, actually features a real playground-building organization — similarly named KaBOOM! — that was specifically written into the episode as part of the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s volunteer week.

As it states in NBC’s official summary for “Kaboom“, members of the Pawnee Parks Department volunteer their time to help KaBOOM! build a playground for a neighboring town. To prep for the episode, three KaBOOM! project managers worked directly with Parks’ set designers to build a playground with the cast.

KnopeKnows asked KaBOOM!’s communications director Alison Risso to share her thoughts on KaBOOM!’s representation in the episode. Here’s what she had to say:

We’ve been working hand in hand with the folks over at Parks and Recreation, so our reaction is really pleased. … I think folks will be able to tell where the real organization ends and the parody begins.

Risso also mentioned that “Kaboom” will be screened in the KaBOOM! offices on Thursday night. During the show, the organization plans to tweet “fun facts” (via its official Twitter @kaboomplay) that Parks may have gotten wrong.

To learn more about KaBOOM!, check out the organization’s FAQ here.

Here’s some on-set photos:

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