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Friday, February 19, 2010

Darwish vs Harris

Darwish vs. Harris on Twitter = Everything You Could Hope For and More
Yesterday, I convinced both my cousins Darwish and Harris to join Twitter. They’ve since went to war with each other. Currently, Darwish has about 4500 followers while Harris is almost doubling him at 7500 followers.

Darwish has been tweeting about internships, talking about ‘fiiiine ladies,’ and even developed the concept of “TeamDarwish” to rally Twitter-ville to get him to 5000 followers by 1AM (EST). Meanwhile, up until a few hours ago, all Harris had tweeted was ‘eating macaroni’ and he was still somehow trouncing Darwish in followers.

But Harris is no longer silent, as the two are now in a serious macaroni feud!! Read below:

HarrisRules13: eating macaroni

DarGandhi123: @HarrisRules13 Velveeta right? hope you didn’t put too much pepper. (We always make the velveeta then add perfect amnt salt, pepper, butter)

HarrisRules13: @dargandhi123 yeah i put the right amount of pepper unlike u who ruins it with too much pepper,making it spicy macaroni which is just nastyy


Where will this go? Time will tell. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end in some sort of macaroni based violence.

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