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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nick Offerman in Chicago Tribune

Nick Offerman: ‘I love roles that don’t carry the main story’

The Watcher’s Maureen Ryan penned a story on Nick Offerman that was published today in the Chicago Tribune.

In the article, Nick discusses where he learned the value of silence, which comes in handy for playing his Parks and Recreation character, Ron Swanson:

I had a cousin in the congregation, and I would speak with the utmost, august stoicism, and everyone would think I was a very effective speaker. But he knew I was being facetious. He’d get in trouble for cracking up.

Nick, who knew Amy Poehler when they both lived in Chicago in the mid-90s, adds that supporting characters are his favorite to play:

I love roles that don’t carry the main story usually but are kind of bizarre. It’s like, entrees are the most important part of a meal, but you really appreciate the cilantro when it shows up.

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